The BlackBoard

Drawing, a proven method for better memorizing powers!

The BlackBoard, a chrome extension, is the right tool to jot down things at a common place and never loose them.

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Use Case

Do you get multiple product ideas frequently but could not convert it into a Product?

The BlackBoard will help out to draw down things and save for future use. Whenever you go to search things and open a new tab, first thing you will see is your written ideation page!

draw quickly
discussion challenge

Is explaining things and making people remember a challenge?

Powerful Influence of Drawing on Memory has been seen via Reseach! Explaining gets easier and people do remember the session.

Required to remember the flow of working model?

Just draw the free hand flow chart and do whatever you want! If you are a product manager then draw a quick flow chart and take descision, If you are a developer then draw the flow of running product and build more things on it with ease!

conceptual knowledge


  • Free-form drawing in a new tab
  • Toolkit -
    • Change Brush Color
    • Change Brush Size
    • Undo
    • Eraser
  • Save your Drawing
  • Quick Reset
draw free hand flow chart

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